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Pam Williams - Kolleen Apgar

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Meeting Time:   Meeting time is the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 9AM in Activity Center Conference Rooms.  Anyone interested may attend or join.

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Sunscape Estates RV Park Co-op Emergency Response
Committee (ERC) Charter


The Medical Committee was established to provide emergency medical assistance to park residents until professional medical personnel arrive. This group consists of volunteers who function as lay-people, willing to provide aid within the limits of their training. The Incident Response Department was established to protect the residents and guests from loss or injury due to an emergency incident.

Because the missions of both committees are to respond to all emergencies,  whether medical or emergency incident, the committees [Medical and Fire] have been combined and  renamed the Emergency Response Committee.   These two groups have shared members and carry pagers that alert them to all emergencies.

All members must be CPR/AED certified; many have Basic First Aid training. This committee is one of Sunscape's Standing Committees.

The Emergency Response Committee (ERC) is composed of members performing in a lay capacity, with  two chairmen  elected by the committee and approved by the Sunscape Board of Directors (BOD).

 The ERC Medical co-chair is the AED Site Coordinator and has the following responsiblities:              

  1. Ensure compliance with AZ “SHARE” program (Use of AED).
    a.  Conduct safety meetings with responders.
    b.  Keep records of  AED maintenance and testing checks.
    c.  Clean and disinfect AED after use.
    d.  Submit a  report of use, with data print-out,  to the medical oversight physician
             within five working days of AED use.  Mail to: Department of Health Services,
             Bureau of EMS & Trauma, 150 N. 18th Ave Suite 540, Phoenix, AZ 85007.
  2. Ensure that all members have current AED/CPR certification.
  3. Conduct monthly meetings.
  4. Schedule necessary training.
  5. Issue and monitor the pager program.
  6. Check and order medical supplies for cart.
  7. Assume all the duties of the ERC chair  in the absence of the co-chair.
  8. Is a member of the Management Team.

The ERC Emergency Incident co-chair has the following responsibilities:

  1. Act as alternate AED Site Coordinator
  2. Assume all the duties of the ERC chair in the absence of the co-chair.
  3. Ensure  equipment and supplies are avaliable for emergency incident response.
  4. Schedule training for members on incident response team.
  5. Schedule and conduct incident response drills.
  6. Is a member of the Management Team.

         The objective of the committee is to provide medical and emergency incident supportive response assistance to the Park's residents until professional personnel arrive.
         Any medical treatments provided shall be those needed to save life and render necessary first aid, and are therefore covered by applicable Good Samaritan Act(s).

The goals of the Emergency Response Committee are:
   1.  Have a response time of under three minutes from time of notification.
   2.  Have a minimum of six responders year-round.
   3.  Have regular attendance by the members at meetings and training sessions.
   4.  Have all members certified in CPR/AED, and a majority certified in basic first aid.
   5.  Have a majority of members trained and  certified on the emergency equipment.


Actions and procedures at the scene:

   1.  Secure the area and limit access as necessary.
   2.  Control/block traffic as necessary for emergency vehicles.
   3.  Adminster first aid until professional help arrives.
   4.  Assist the EMS as necessary.

    1.  Secure the area and limit access as necessary.
   2.  Evacuate the necessary units; evacuees sign in at the Medical Cart.
   3.  Control/block traffic as necessary for emergency vehicles.
   4.  Utilize necessary equipment in a manner consistent with training to contain the
   5.  Stand by to administer first aid as required.
   6.  When professional responders arrive, follow their instructions.


     Emergency calls will be documented for each incident, on forms providing information regarding the date and time, nature and disposition of call, and members responding. The forms are retained by the secretary for record-keeping and review. A monthly report is given to the Manager.


Approved by Sunscape Board of Directors ____________________________________


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